About Us


About the Foundation

At the New York Law Enforcement Foundation (NYLEF), our mission is to support current and former law enforcement officials, officers, departments, entities, and their families, in the state of New York and across the United States. To achieve this mission, we host annual events and fundraisers, extend awards and recognition, and offer financial assistance through grants, scholarships, and funds. At NYLEF we take great pride in being able to render contribution and resources to these officers and their families, and understand the challenges and sacrifices they face. We aim to provide a platform and support system in which law enforcement officers will receive the honor and assistance that they so deserve, and that their legacies will be preserved for generations to come. Our hope is that you will join us in supporting these heroic individuals and their loved ones, and become part of what makes the NYLEF so special.


About the Foundation

The New York Law Enforcement Foundation was founded in 1995 by Reginald Ward, retired Deputy Police Commissioner, Mount Vernon, New York, Police Department.

Seeing the need to assist officers and their families, Officer Ward launched the foundation with the goal of supporting city, state and federal law enforcement departments and their members by providing equipment to departments, as well as scholarships and financial support to these members and their families. The Foundation also honors members of law enforcement with awards, recognizing them for their service and courage.

Since the organization’s founding, we have helped thousands of departments, officers, and their families monetarily and through volunteer efforts. We also host events and fundraisers in support of these individuals. With your support, we will continue to support these law enforcement entities.


How We Help Law Enforcement

We support law enforcement officers, their families, and departments by providing equipment, financial assistance, and scholarships. In addition to these efforts, we offer awards and recognition to individuals and departments who display outstanding service, and host events and fundraisers. 

You can join us in our missions to support these law enforcement entities by donating and registering for our upcoming events today!

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